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E Wall thickness conform to ANSI B16.34
E Flange dimensions conform to ANSI B16.34
E Face-to-face dimension conform to ANSI B16.10
E Facing finish of end flanges shell conform to ASME B16.5
E ISO 5211 Mount Pad, Solid Ball
E Locking Device Handle
E Fire-Test API 607 4th Edition
E Blow-out Proof Stem
E Grounded Ball Valve and Stem (ANTI-STATIC DEVICES)
E Lever Operated or Optional Gear Operation
E Investment Body or Sand Cast Body
E Pressure Rating: 285 PSI WOG
E Steam 150 PSI (PTFE SEATS)
E Size Available: 1/2" to 12"
E Shell 428 PSI Water 100 PSI Air
E Seat 314 PSI Water 100 PSI Air